Who are we?

We have been selling Haynes repair manuals for more than 20 years to South Africans workshops, and public alike. We have experienced many changes from printed books to online manuals, and understand how cost sensitive the South African market is. Therefore we are keeping our pricing low but still giving quality repair information which South Africans can rely on.

Haynes repair manuals have been trusted since the 1960’s for DIY and gives you “step-by-step” instructions to repair your own vehicles. For printed manuals, Haynes buys a car and strips it down and rebuilds it. During this process a number of photographs are taken, showing exactly how the parts look and fit together. The final result is a repair manual with detailed steps and black in white photos.

Here are two manuals that were printed especially for the South African market. Please note the South African flag printed on the cover.

What is Haynes All-Access?

During the process of making a Haynes Printed manual many HD full colour photos are taken but changed to black and white. This is where the Haynes Online manual becomes more effective, as all the photos are in full HD colour and can be enlarged to see even the smallest detail. Now that we have added colour in the Haynes Online manuals, your wiring diagrams will also be in colour. Seeing that Haynes Online manuals are aimed at the DIY (Do it yourself) sector we have also added many “how to do” videos, showing you exactly how a job will be done. Now you can see how the Haynes Printed manual has adapted with time to the Haynes Online manual.

Now we take all the Haynes Online manuals for the UK, USA and Australia and include them all into a single package, you will then get Haynes Manuals “All Access”. But let’s take it one step further, Haynes Manuals “All Access” can also be bought for Motorcycles. This is South Africans first technical motoring library. Haynes Manuals “All Access” is sold as an annual subscription product, and is being continuously updated with new information.

Haynes All-Access for Colleges and Training.

Currently there are two problems that face the youth of South Africa, one is high unemployment levels and second is skills development. For those that are starting in the motor trade, there needs to be accurate and reliable training programs at an affordable price. The Eastern Cape Department of Education (ECDoE) is taking classrooms to the 4th Industrial revolution (4IR) by introducing ICT (Information Communication Technology) in the classrooms. ICT devices have been distributed to educators across the province to advance the teaching and learning performance.

“The proliferation of connected mobile devices in society has given us the impulse to change the entire public education system to leverage these smart tools to empower education in producing higher performing learners,” says Temba Kojana (ECDoE head of department). Kojana concludes, “The future of education is driven by technology and no learner in the Eastern Cape will be left behind.

The Haynes Manuals “All Access” program can accommodate the vision above, and can go one better by being displayed on any smart phone, ipad, laptop etc. Therefore the cost of the mobile device can be passed on to the student. All students have mobile phones.

Haynes Manuals “All Access” is an online library which can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. You can also print out any section in full colour. Updates are done automatically at no extra charge. Haynes Manuals “All Access” is a great training platform for young apprentices, as it has detailed step-by-step instructions. Tutorial videos will show you exactly how a job can be completed.

Haynes All-Access for DIY or Private use.

Each Haynes Online manual has about 20 – 25 chapters, which include full vehicle maintenance and wiring diagrams. Each Chapter has multiple sections; a good example of this is the bodywork and trim-parts chapter which includes centre console, seats, door window glass, dash trim panel, door trim panels, bonnet, fenders, mirror, door latch, lock cylinder and handles. “OnDemand” videos which cover over 4500 common jobs, each video explaining the step-by-step process of removing/refitting common parts on any car or bike.

Haynes All-Access for Libraries, colleges and small workshops.

For organizations that require the use of every available online manual for cars, and motorcycles, Haynes Manuals “All Access” offers a cost-effective and convenient way to consume the entire back catalogue. What’s more, newly released titles are available from the first day they are on sale.

Libraries, colleges, parts retailers and small workshops are just some of the organisations taking advantage of one of Haynes’ newest products. The library market has an increasing focus upon offering high-value digital services which means Haynes Manuals “All Access” is perfect for their changing needs. Colleges offering automotive technician courses are finding that online manuals offer a valuable companion to theory-based classroom materials. Small workshops are now continuing to use the manuals they have used for years in paper form, often as a companion to professional-based products like HaynesPro.

Haynes Manuals “All Access” is not an alternative to a professional workshop software package, but will serve as an extra tool, which will greatly benefit any workshop. It can also be used to assist young apprentices as it has detailed “step-by-step” instructions showing them exactly how a job will be done. If you are looking for WorkshopData please click on the link ( which will inform you more about HaynesPro WorkshopData.